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The project involved event branding, the creation of a compelling landing page, and digital invitations for ArtWorks Detroit—an online art auction and fundraiser benefiting Matrix Human Services.


  • Designed and Developed Donor and Event Landing Pages: Successfully created and optimized the donor and event landing pages, resulting in a remarkable achievement of generating over $100,000 in fundraising awards.
  • Brand Awareness through Web Design: Contributed significantly to brand awareness by implementing visually appealing web design and effective content management strategies. The goal was to enhance the overall perception of ArtWorks Detroit.
  • Provided KPI Stats and Web Analytics: Regularly provided Key Performance Indicator (KPI) statistics and web analytics to the Vice President of Marketing and Development. This facilitated data-driven decision-making and ensured alignment with organizational objectives.


ArtWorks Detroit emerged as the premier charity art auction, serving as a pivotal fundraiser for Matrix Human Services. The seamless digital experience and visually striking branding not only contributed to the success of the event but also enhanced the overall perception of Matrix Human Services within the community.


This project underscored the importance of a cohesive online presence in fundraising initiatives. The successful integration of web design, digital invitations, and landing pages played a pivotal role in achieving fundraising goals. Going forward, understanding the impact of digital engagement on donor behavior will continue to be a key consideration in future initiatives.